Labla is a SAAS model produced by Varulf Yazılım in 2021, which enables the creation of a platform by bringing your content to game quality.

Thanks to Labla, content producers can transform their content of any subject and type into a platform equipped with interactive activities that include the user in the system. In Labla, the contents are determined, CSMs are created in accordance with the goals and achievements of the contents, and designs suitable for the event are made. After the platform is created, the product goes through the testing phase and is published. Content producers realize their business goals and achievements through permanent and experiential learning ways, thanks to the platforms and activities created by Labla. Users of the platform created by Labla provide precise and effective learning thanks to numerous activities that can be made ready for use in a short time.


Labla's mission; to take part in international projects in a short time with its expert, assertive, experienced, determined and promising staff; to contribute to the metaverse universe with permanent and sustainable projects, especially in the field of education; to develop the necessary cooperation and collaboration efforts in the field of education; to provide its customers with permanent and gamification-based solutions that enable them to reach their goals more easily; to provide problem solving by conducting gamification activities on the content in order to achieve business goals more easily; to provide multiple and sustainable solutions to the needs of our customers; to produce hundreds of events in a short time according to customer demands; To meet the demands and expectations of our customers at the highest level by constantly improving our product and service quality; creating a bond with our customers and gaining customer loyalty with a strong, solid and sustainable communication; To provide quality service in order to increase our competitiveness and profitability.


Labla's vision; to become a leading platform in the world in the long term by taking part in international projects; To follow the latest developments in technology closely and to reach a position that can produce solutions for all the needs of the digital world in the field of education; to stand out with its quality and success by creating original content and events in the national and international arena; to be a leading model in its field that directs the solutions brought to the needs of technology and the sector; is to carry our customers and employees to the future by constantly improving the understanding of creativity and quality.


  • Scientific
  • Rationality
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Problem Solving
  • Diligence
  • Productivity
  • Authenticity
  • Transparency
  • Reliability
  • Solidarity, Business and Cooperation
  • Adaptation to the Contemporary World
  • Commitment to Ethical Rules